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      Ian Hargreaves to lead independent review into IP and growth
originally posted on 12.11.10
      Glasgow University pioneers free intellectual property for Industry
posted on 21.01.11
      Patents County Court
posted on 9.01.11
      European Commission opens the way for some Member States to move forward on a unitary patent
posted on 26.12.10

After a request for a single European patent by 12 EU member states not too long ago, the European Commission has formally proposed unitary patent protection for these member states. Michel Barnier, EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services, said that the purpose was to establish a unitary right for the founding member states with the ... more here

      Remedies for Infringement of UK and Community Registered Designs to be harmonized
posted on 9.12.10

The UK Intellectual Property Office is consulting on harmonizing the laws relating to infringing registered designs so that it is the same whether or not the infringement is of a UK registered design or a Community Registered Design ... more here

      Government announces Tax break on Royalties
posted on 1.12.10

The Government has announced a Tax break on royalties from recently commercialized inventions. The plans were announced by the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne on Monday of a 10% tax on patent income to encourage high-tech businesses to invest in the UK and create high-value jobs .... more here

      PM announces tech city
posted on 1.12.10

The Prime minister recently set out the Government plans for a London East End to be transformed into a world-leading technology city to rival Silicon Valley.... more here

      Mancunium IP's team member co-author's report on breakthrough research
posted on 18.11.10

Mancunium IP's team member Rohan Patel is a co-author of an article, published by Nature America Inc's Nature Genetics detailing breakthrough research in gene sequencing. The research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation... more here [source: Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research. "Developmental Dynamics of the Maize Leaf Transcriptome." ScienceDaily, 4 November 2010. Web. 18 November 2010. . ]

      Advanced Building Design
posted on 9.9.10

Stockport-based Advanced Building Design (ABD) designers and manufacturers of patent pending central heating and plumbing tools who recently appeared on Dragon's Den have began working with the Manufacturing Advisory Service with the hope of strengthening their marketing and order book skills... more here

      Research & Development
posted on 6.8.10

Mancunium IP which recently received an Innovation Voucher from the Northwest Regional Development Agency is using it for R & D with the General Engineering Research Institute (GERI) of Liverpool John Moores University over an Embedded Wireless Project....more

      New Offices
posted on 14.7.10

Mancunium IP has moved from our old location on Wilmslow Road and have taken up new offices in 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields ... more here

      IP as a Strategic Tool for Business
posted on 22.5.10

Mancunium IP team members Sang Nkhwazi and Rohan Patel are co-authors of an article in the Innovation Handbook, a publication now in its second edition, published by Kogan Page. The article, titled "IP in the New Economic Powers" provides a number of practical tips which innovative businesses and IP creators looking ...more

      USPTO addresses backlog
posted on 21.5.10

The USPTO has announced a scheme that is targeted at reducing the reduce the backlog of unexamined patent applications pending before the USPTO. Under the program known as a " the Project Exchange", which will take effect with the publication of the Federal Register notice in the coming weeks, any applicant with more than one application ...more

      Patent Search
posted on 24.4.10

Despite concurring emphasis by IP practitioners everywhere, some inventors still take the unwise decision to apply for a Patent, solely and without commissioning any form of a professional Patent Search. Sometimes, if the inventor has extensive knowledge on conducting patent searches accrued through practical experience spanning many years, they may 'get away with it'. But at other times the consequences can be devastating...more