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The UK is scheduled to leave the European Union in March 2019. While there has been a lot of uncertainty about what the ramifications will be, as well as a long running debate between those who voted for the UK's exit in the Brexit referendum, and those who wanted the UK to remain as part of the EU, like most things in life, there probably will be positive and negative effects to the UK's exit.
As a firm of European Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, it is our duty to take an impartial line when advising our clients on the best way of protecting their IP rights in the new environment that will be ushered in by Brexit. Below please find a video explaining the impact of Brexit on a number of European rights:

In regards to Patents, the UK will still remain a member of the European patent System, so Brexit will have no effect on European Patents.
Franks & Co will continue to file and prosecute European Patents, EU Trade Marks and Community Registered Design applications on behalf of our clients post March 2019.

You can also download this guide from the UK Intellectual Property office, which provides additional information about the impact Brexit will have on Intellectual Property in the UK. For more information, you can contact us on our Cheadle Office number 0161 820 2891 or via the contact form on the contact page