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IP Infringement

We may be able to assist you if you have been accused of infringement or if you have discovered that someone else is infringing your IP.

We conduct due diligence including analysing competitors IP positions - the validity, breadth and enforceability of their patents, registered designs or trade marks, so as to recommend specific non-infringing product designs or arrangements and thereby avoid infringement This is usually done following a free to use or prior art search covering the jurisdiction in question, although we can conduct an Infringement and Validity Assessment by comparing specific technologies, and in the absence of a professional search.

We can also help you obtain consent from patent or trade mark holders, negotiate licence terms, and can assist with the selection of a different and distinctive brand or trademark, one that is unlikely to infringe. Gnerally it is advisable to seek an opinion on infringement, or conduct a clearance search before entering a new market with your product, brand or design.

Such actions can save substantial monetary sums in unnecessary litigation expenses by avoiding liability before entering a market or launching a new product. However, if there are already infringement proceedings or you have received a letter from a solicitor or legal representative of someone who claims that you are infringing their product or brand, then contact us to find out if we can help you.

Actions we can undertake

Respond to threatening letters outlining your position.

Conduct a Validity Assessment of an IP right.

Conduct an indepth analysis of a technology, product or design to ascertain if it infringes or is likely to infringe another technology, product, design or IP right.

Suggest licensing terms to a rights holder or review the terms of a licence you have received from a rights holder or their representative.

Mediate between you and the IP right holder.

Draft Cease and Dessist letters to a suspected infringer.

Obtaining a court order and contacting HMRC on your behalf to request them to detain counterfeit goods.

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