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With all the pressures of the entertainment industry, it is important that artists, musicians and other entertainers are sufficiently informed of the legal implications intrinsic to the nature of their industry.

Such an approach is essential in order to maximize the rewards from their Intellectual Property (I.P.) while safeguarding against avoidable claims arising out of infringement or other contractual difficulties (both claims brought on by third parties and even claims amongst members of the same group).

Artists and entertainers should ensure that various issues are adequately addressed so as to prevent common traps which often end up in costly legal battles.

At Mancunium IP, we offer cost effective solutions designed to help artists, musicians and entertainers safeguard their positions, by sufficiently protecting their IP rights early on and preferably before they commercialize their work or sign binding contracts.

Information Technology

Similar principles apply in the Information Technology industry, where disputes over breach or under performance of contracts are common.

Our services include drafting of licences (joint-ownership,outsourcing, supplier, etc), analysing and reviewing terms of a licence, advice on whether you should sign a specific licence (and whether it is likely to be enforceable in a Court of Law) and due diligence in contractual negotiations.

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