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     The Head of the United States Patent and Trade Marks Office Michelle Lee Resigns
posted on 14.06.17

Michelle Lee resigned from the US Patent and Trade Marks office (USPTO) on June 6, 2017. The real reason for her sudden resignation as Director of the remains a mystery.

     Russia Joins the Hague System
posted on 16.05.17

Russia has now joined the Hague system for international design registration. On April 03, 2017 President Vladimir Putin signed to ratify the Hague agreement,making Russia a member of the Hague system. The law on ratification will come into effect as of October 01, 2017, and it is expected that Russia will be fully included in the Hague design system soon after January 01, 2018.

     Mancunuim IP becomes part of the Franks & Co Group
posted on 16.05.17

In May 2017, Mancunium IP became part of the Franks & Co Group. Franks & Co is an established United Kingdom based firm of Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys dedicated to protecting the ideas and innovations which drive businesses around the world

     BT Plc and TalkTalk Telecom Group Plc -v- Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport and others
posted on 20.04.12

The Court of Appeal recently handed down its judgement that was brought by BT and others against the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport in which the claimants alleged that certain provisions of the Digital Economy Act 2010 were unlawful and in breach of the European Electronic Commerce Directive.

     Latest Newsletter
posted on 13.02.12

     Court of Justice of the European Union bans Patents for Stem Cells
posted on 30.10.11

      US based SME's may get help in achieving International protection on their inventions
posted on 30.10.11

The USPTO recently requested comments on the broad issue of international patent protection for small businesses and in particular on whether a revolving fund loan or grant program should be established to pay for the costs of filing, maintaining and enforcing international patents.

      Winter Newsletter - Vol 1
posted on 30.10.11

      Patentability of Software in the UK gets a twist in the High Court
posted on 17.10.11

      Loss of an Icon
posted on 7.10.11

Many kind words have been said, and many more could be said. On October 5th, the world lost a visionary and a true icon, whose influenced was felt in many places, even in the world of Intellectual Property. Its unmistakable that the world of Patents wouldn't look the same without the contribution Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. have made to consumer electronics technology over the last 30 years. [image sourced from apple.com]

      Latest Newsletter
posted on 5.10.11

      Latest Chapter in the Budweiser IP Wars.
posted on 3.10.11

US brewer Anheuser-Busch recently lost its attempt to invalidate Budějovicky Budvar's trade mark...more here

      One for the city!
posted on 9.9.11

      New phone line
posted on 1.9.11

Please note that we have changed telephone numbers. Our new number is +44(0) 161 241 6840. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

      Christian Louboutin denied red-sole monopoly
posted on 25.8.11

      George Lucas loses Star Wars Copyright Case
posted on 23.8.11

The Supreme Court last month handed down its judgment in the case of Lucasfilm Ltd & Ors v Ainsworth & Anor. According to the ruling, Helmets created for the characters of the Imperial Stormtrooper in the film Star Wars are not “sculptures” and therefore are not relevant subject matter within the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. More information can be found here

      New Trade Mark report
posted on 13.8.11

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has commissioned a report aimed to investigate the relationship between trade marks and business performance in terms of productivity, employment, wages and growth. The report aims to encourage domestic producers to compete on product quality and variety, not just cost and price, and to use trade marks to signal their innovations. The full report is available for download here

      L'Oreal vs eBay
posted on 12.7.11

The Court of Justice of the European Union has handed down its judgment in the case of L'Oreal v eBay. According to the ruling, firms running internet marketplaces like eBay cannot be exempted from liability about the sale of counterfeits if they have knowledge or control over the products made available on their sites in Europe

      New guide for Universities to manage Intellectual Property
posted on 11.7.11

The Intellectual Property Office recently launched a strategy guide designed to help universities manage their intellectual property assets. The guide gives information to universities to help them maximise the benefit they receive from their intellectual property, while attempting to help economic development and advancement of the social and public good. ...more

      Consultation on UK Patent Box tax
posted on 21.6.11

The UK Government recently issued a consultation regarding the introduction of a 10% corporation tax rate on profits derived from UK & EPO issued patents. The move is designed to encourage companies to locate high-value jobs and activity associated with the development, manufacturing and exploitation of patents in the UK and enhance the competitiveness of the UK tax system for high-tech companies that obtain profits from patents...more

      Peer to Patent
posted on 1.6.11

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) has today launched the much anticipated 'Peer to Patent' pilot initiative. The website will provide an online mechanism for registered members of the public to make observations on pending patent applications, allowing users to upload 'prior art' and discuss the merits of the application.

      IP Review
posted on 18.5.11

The final report on Professor Ian Hargreaves IP Review has just been published. We are currently reviewing its recommendations and will post an update as soon as we've completed this.

      Prior Publication may make your registered Design invalid
posted on 23.3.11

Prior publication (even on the internet) in certain circumstances may lead to the loss of rights ..more here.


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