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Intellectual Property as a Strategic Tool

Much has been said lately about Patents and Intellectual Property and the news has been a flurry of discussions over their importance to business.
The courts have also seen increased activity as brand upon another, from eBay, Apple to Google have had to defend themselves over infringement claims.
But its not only the large companies who have had to defend such claims. Much closer to home, M-Tech, a Salford based IT retailer that sells computer hardware systems was recently sued for trade mark infringement by Oracle, the US based IT giant. M-Tech won the case, highlighting the fact that even smaller retailers can successfully defend themselves against larger companies over IP infringement claims.
The question to ask then is, whether one's business is sufficiently protected?
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IP Management



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Mancunium IPĀ® offers cost-effective Intellectual Property services including acquisition, protection and enforcement of IP rights. We help businesses acquire Patents, Trade Marks, Designs and other IP, from application stage to grant and thereafter. In addition, we also provide bespoke IP Audit and IP Management services.
IP rights are important because if properly used, they can add quantifiable value to the net worth of your business, including making it easier to safeguard your products against counterfeiting.
If you, or your company would like more information about our services, please do not hesiatet to contact me.
Alternatively, you can visit our website here.

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