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Patent Applications

To apply for or a Patent, a Patent application must be filed. This involves drafting a Patent Specification embodying the novel features of your invention. more

Trade Mark Applications

To protect a Trade Mark, it is often required to have the mark registered in the jurisdiction you wish it protected. This involves making an application to a Trade Mark or IP office. more

Design Registration

Design registration gives the proprietor of the design the right to stop others from creating designs which are very similar to the proprietors design within the same Jurisdiction. more

Disputes & Infringement

Where there are allegations of IP infringement be it Patent, Trade Mark or a Registered Design, there are a number of ways in which we can assist you obtain a favourable outcome. more

Trade Mark Oppositions

We can assist you if you would like to oppose a competitor's published trade mark application, or if your mark has been opposed. Further, we can help with trade mark invalidation. more


We can assist you in matters of licensing your designs, brand or technology locally or internationally helping you exploit your IP rights much more effectively, and saving you time. more