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Time Limits - Patents (UK)

Patent Term: 20 years life-time in most countries.

Time period from Application to grant: In the UK, anytime between 2 years to 3.5 years from application. However, this can be reduced to around 18 months if you pay all the fees at filing and if your invention is relatively simple.

Time to publication : 18 months from first priority

Other time limits: There are time limits to requesting a search and substantive examination. Further, there are time limits to informing that Patent office that you desire international protection and to responding to an examination report, if there are any objections to Patentability, Inventive step or industrial application.
A few countries will not give you the one year priority year or 'breathing space' , at the end of which you may make international filings. In those cases, you will have to apply at the same time as you make your first (normally UK) application.

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